Sunday Service Ringing 10.00 until 10.30 a.m.


Practice night - Monday


We practise every Monday (except bank-holidays) from 7 pm to 8.30 pm.

During inclement weather practices may be cancelled, so it is advisable to check via Tower Contacts before setting out.


Simulator Practices


Alternate Thursdays. 2017 programme commences on January 5th, 11.00 - 15.00. Tea & Coffee provided, bring own lunch. £1 donation for heat, light etc.


Group is working on Spliced Treble Bob Minor. Basic ringing expertise for members is ability to ring Oxford Treble Bob Minor on a working bell. We have progressed through Oxford Group, College Exercise Group, Woodbine Group and Willesden Group. Currently working on London Group, although we do keep reprising the others, particularly as new members join us.

Contact Robert Appleby for further details.


Peals & Quarters

The bells have become an established part of our local community and we take our responsibility seriously. We are located close to Salts Mill with its varied workplaces and Shipley College is next door to us, so it is unlikely that permission for extended ringing will be permitted during business hours.The simulator is available for quarters as an alternative. Details of additional ringing already booked are provided below:-






Weddings With Bells In 2019:-


Saturday February 16th: Ringing at 13.30


Saturday July 27th: Ringing at 13.30


Saturday August 10th: Ringing at 12.30


Saturday August 17th: Ringing at TBC


Saturday September 7th: Ringing at TBC


Weddings With Bells in 2020:-


27th June TBC


14th August, Ringing at 11.30